Just rambling through the forest of life.



She was parked on the side of the road when she got the call through on her radio, RTA, car smashed on intersection. She knew it was going to happen on a night like this, the rain poured down making visibility to only a few feet in font. Hitting the siren she raced across town in search of the poor driver and his crashed car. She had a strange feeling, a feeling of loss, of forgetting something important and feeling like her heart had been wrenched from her chest, as she approached the accident, flashing lights lit up the sky, between the lightning flashes. She thought she recognized the car. There are plenty of red cars around, red was popular she tried to convince herself, as she pulled in and got out.

The ambulance crew had already strapped him onto the stretcher and was pushing him to the back of the ambulance, when she turned and saw him, covered in blood, breathing mask on wrapped up in what she mentally described a s a towel coffin.

She got the report from the crew, he was going to live, unfortunately he had not slowed down to take the turning and had slid off the road, into the traffic lights. He had suspected fractured ribs and collar-bone, broken leg, they thought he was a gonna, they managed to resuscitate him on the second attempt. He was going to live but need a lot of rehabilitation, he was a strong fighter. She sat in her car and cried, cried as wild as the rain coming down on her windscreen obscuring the view inside.

He was rushed to local hospital, she visited next day, he was still groggy after the accident, he was in obvious pain but would not let her see how much. They sat and she looked into his eyes, he seemed different, his soul seemed happy. She realized he had let go, he had forgiven himself for surviving after her.

He told her of the vision, reached around his neck and realized for the first time his key had gone. In a panic he called the nurses, no, he never came in with a key round is neck. No it’s definitely been booked in.

Despite the pain he was in he still manged to cry, he cried away years of grief, years of suffering, years of guilt. He knew he had been released by his wife, she wanted him to go on living and to go on loving.

He held her hand, as she stroked his head for hours as they sat on his bed in the hospital, as they watched through the window, the sun set between the hills on the horizon. He swore he heard on the wind a whisper, he strained to hear….”I love you, never forget me, but never fear to love another”.

He turned to her, smiled and knew his life was just beginning again.

She smiled back, she knew, looked out of the window, thinking “Thank you, I will look after him, I will never love him like you did, but I will love him”.

Silently across the city, a lone man was walking home. It was past midnight, he was going home to an empty house, full of past dreams, past loves. He looked and in the moonlight he saw something metallic shining in the gutter, he bent down, picked up the key, thoughtfully put it in his pocket and moved on. He would hand it in to the police station in the morning. He forgot.


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