Just rambling through the forest of life.


Chapter 3

She asked the waitress had she seen the man she spoke to yesterday, she replied he was not a regular and had not been in. She mulled over this during the day and thought of trying again next day.

Each day, was the same, empty stool, no one had seen him. Then a week later, she entered, saw the empty stool and sat, she order her usual. The waitress served her, this time a business card was on her tray.

“Whats this?” she inquired.

“That man came back yesterday late, said give this to someone, so I have”.

Tina’s eyes briefly gave away her excitement as she read the card. Simon Enterprises.

She knew the address, she thought about going over seeing him, thanking him, while she sat drinking her coffee. By the time she had got to work, she had talked herself out of it. She was being childish, she should know better. She put the card in her bag.

Over next few weeks it was forgotten, life returned to normal, the stool in the cafe remained empty as she came in each morning. She stopped thinking of the encounter. She could not even remember what he looked like.

It was only by chance weeks later she was emptying her back, when the card fell out. Looking at it blankly she was hit with a tide of emotions as she remembered everything.

The phone range, she picked it up. It was Dave’s mum.

Tina sat and talked, she told her about the stranger and the card, she talked about feeling guilty, about wanting to see him, how could she really love two men, and she missed Dave so much.

“Honey, honey, listen to me, you stopped being our daughter in law when Dave died, you became our daughter, we all miss Dave, we can never replace him, he will be with us always in our hearts and minds. I was meaning to send this on to you, we found it amongst Dave’s belongings when we cleaned the house out. Its addressed to you. Let me read it”.


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