Just rambling through the forest of life.

Few months back I received from sad news. a friend I used to work with had past away. She wasn’t much older than me, she had lost the battle against cancer. I know I had not seen her for a good many years. It shouldn’t have hit me hard as we had lost touch and moved in different worlds. Apart from the fact for a brief 6 months we had dated. At the time it was fun and great, we worked together and dated outside of work, so we could see lots of each other. As I recall it did not end well and was short-lived, but never the less came entwined in the fabric of my life.

As the past month has pasted I have also made contact with another old work colleague. he also briefly mentioned this woman when we chatted on Facebook. Although she was not friendly to him, she had made an impact on him to remember her after all this time. what he mentioned and what I could remember got me thinking. when I had chance I would think of her and some of the things we got up to at work and in her house, we had fun and laughed, had some drunk times and I could always remember her cooked breakfasts when I slept over.  Then I thought of how we just moved apart, we moved into separate work places, moved houses and moved from our circle of friends and made new friends, started new relationships and in fact never met again.  What really upset me was how quick the years had flown by, how I had almost forgotten what she looked like, I can not even remember her smile, laugh or even her voice.

So what has this brief encounter with my past helped me to think of the future? for one its made me realize how fragile our lives are. And what type of impact we have on other people’s lives. what will people remember us by once we have gone, what will our families remember, will they want to remember the things we have done? I hope people will always think fondly of me, remember the times i made them laugh when they were down, or helped them when they needed help. i will never know what people will remember of me. but looking forward from past experiences, i hope to continue to make a positive impact on the people i met, work with and care for and being cared for. as for my friend. she has left behind a family, a family who will have dear, fond memories of her. not even sure if she had grand children, would be nice to find out what happened to her after we broke up, but best leave the lid firmly closed on Pandora’s box.


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