Just rambling through the forest of life.

Raindrops on vampires and whiskers on werewolves

Dark copper dwarf mines with small spaces and corners.

Then someone’s brought a cave troll along for fun

These are a few of some scary things things.


Witches flying on Dysons through the sky,

Nessie in my fish tank smiling at me.

Wild Wyvern’s that fly with the moon on their wings

These are a few of some scary  things


Goblins in white dresses with Doc Martin boots

Moth-man looming  towards my clothes in the wardrobe with hunger in his eyes.

Gollum, abominable snowman,  Chupacabras, Chimaera, all coming for tea.

These are a few of some scary things.


Hungry walking zombies plodding to McDonald’s

Giant Venus fly traps with poor eyesight

Dr Frankenstein taking up dentistry

These are a few of some scary things


When the bat bites

When the wolves howl

When I’ve lost my ted

I simply remember this scary things

And then I don’t get out of bed!


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